The Gears of War Live-Action Adaptation’s Long, Complicated History

Dave Bautista isn't the first person to push for a Gears of War movie. It's been in development for nearly as long as the franchise has existed.

While promoting Army of the Dead, Dave Bautista made headlines when he showed how much he wants to star in a Gears of War film. Bautista used a meeting with Universal Pictures about joining the Fast & Furious franchise to pitch a Gears adaptation, with him in the lead role as Marcus Fenix. Bautista’s enthusiasm for Gears of War is well known among fans …

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Flamin’ Hot Screenwriter Defends Cheetos Movie’s Authenticity

The screenwriter behind the Flamin' Hot Cheetos biopic is defending the inspiration for the project following comments made recently by Frito-Lay.

The screenwriter for Eva Longoria’s upcoming film about the creation of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos recently defended the story behind the film, following suggestions by Frito-Lay that the project is based on a false narrative. “Did Richard [Montañez] embellish a little bit? Was his memory faulty here or there? Who knows,” screenwriter Lewis …

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Trick ‘r Treat: How Sam Stands Out From Other Horror Icons

A Harry Potter fan game show and retrospective special are coming to HBO Max, in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the first film's release.

Trick ‘r Treat is a 2007 horror anthology film that celebrates the spooky holiday, Halloween. The film treats viewers to stories about ghosts, werewolves and serial killers. But there is one costumed individual who often sits on the sidelines, observing people’s actions in the small town of Warren Valley, Ohio. That character’s name is Sam. At …

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