Beauty and The Geek Australia Where Are They Now 2021: Know Which Couples Of Beauty And The Geek Are Still Together!

Beauty And The Geek Australia Where Are They Now 2021?

The winner of Beauty and the Geek was announced on August 3rd, with Lachy and Kiera taking home the $100,000 grand prize. But just because the show has ended doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in what happens next in their lives. As spectators, we saw ten Geeks and ten Beauties team up to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

Three couples developed feelings for each other as a result of the process and they are Kiran and Bryanna, George and Josie, and James and Jess.

Beauty And The Geek Australia 2021

After a long break, Beauty and the Geek returned to our screens in 2021, and with each episode, we managed to laugh and cry at the same time. Lachy Mansell and Kiera Johnstone won the season, and while many friendships were created, we also witnessed love blossom between a few of the beauties and geeks.

Which beauty and the geeks are still together?

We’re going off rumours here because the candidates aren’t permitted to provide any information, but here’s what we know thus far.

#1 Kiran and Bryanna

They were the first to admit their affections for each other, but they were also the first of the three couples to go. Since leaving the programme, the two have expressed their support for each other on their Instagram sites, but nothing particularly romantic. When questioned if the couple is still together, Bryanna told TV WEEK, “I can’t say, unfortunately.” But, according to the So Dramatic podcast, they broke up shortly after filming ended.

#2 James and Jess

James and Jess spoke the big L word to each other on Monday night’s show. The two were eliminated off the show after declaring their love for one another. Since being eliminated, neither of them has commented about their relationship, and they’ve been ignoring comments asking if they’re still together. Unfortunately, according to a source who spoke to Megan Pustetto of So Dramatic, they are no longer seeing each other. “As soon as the show ended, Jessica stopped talking to James, she effectively ghosted him,” a source informed Pustetto. “He was sad because he believed they had a genuine and special connection and that they were going to continue things on the outside.”

#3 George and Josie

As they explored becoming closer to one another and enjoying one another’s passions, George and Josie’s love for each other became stronger with each episode. When asked if they’re still together, George told Who Magazine, “Unfortunately, I’m not authorised to tell.” All I can tell is that we are still very close.”

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Beauty And The Geek Australia Where Are They Now 2021: FAQs

1. Who won the Beauty and the Geek 2021?

Lachlan Kiera has won  Beauty and the Geek and $100,000.

2. Is Beauty and the Geek Australia fake?

CHANNEL 7 and the producers of primetime TV show Beauty And The Geek are under fire after one of the program’s geeks was accused of being a “fake”. “Their virginity or lack of wasn’t an issue when casting the geeks,” a network spokesman said about casting Storkey, a 28-year-old Melbourne chemistry PhD student.

3. Who won Beauty and the Geek Australia Season 4?

Millie & Chard has won Beauty and the Geek Australia Season 4.

4. Are jennylee and Nate still together?

Both Nate and Jennylee admitted they are still single — presumably meaning they’re not dating each other. However Nate said the “strange circumstances” that brought them together aren’t enough to keep them apart. “I think we’re going to be close for a long time.

5. Why was Beauty and the Geek Australia Cancelled?

The initial series, which ran on Channel Seven, was cancelled in 2014 after ratings flopped. Beauty and the Geek Australia came under fire in 2011, when ‘Geek’ Bendeguz Daniel Devenyi-Botos admitted he joined the series to further his acting passions. … I have no idea why [they] chose not to mention that I’m an actor.

6. What time is beauty and the geek on?

Nine’s 2021 reboot of Beauty and the Geek, hosted by Sophie Monk, showed off all the fun of the original series with a new layer of heart and warmth. The finale is set to air at 7:30pm on Tuesday August 3rd on Nine and 9Now. The winning pair will take home $100,000 in prize money.

7. Where is beauty and the geek set?

While the geeks and beauties stay at the Skye Suites Green Square, the introductions were filmed at the beautiful Q Station (formerly known as the Quarantine Station) located on Car-rang gel/Garangalin land in Manly on the Northern Beaches.

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