Please avoid illegal and pirated sources of movies!

Please avoid illegal and pirated sources of movies!

There is a high demand for pirated movies in the country. Due to which this group of websites release pirated copies of this movie. Because this type of movie download links has a great search volume on the internet. And are very profitable when users visit these sites.

To make this huge amount of profits through movies. These big sites release many pirated copies on the internet by which they tend to get a high amount of traffic and hence traffic leads to a large amount of $$$$.

By making profits by this movie download copies. These sites tend to make the makers of these movies in loss.

How do movie pirates make their money?

Movie pirates can be categorised into two types – ethical and unethical, which is ironic considering their main bread and butter is unethical by itself, but there is more to that story.

Ethical pirates mostly upload and make their pirated content available just for the sake of spreading entertainment and making content available early, and for free. Most of them do not have profit as a primary objective and earn revenue only to pay for their website’s server costs and to keep it running. This is mostly done through ads that pay per click, and since most pirated content sites involve a lot of clicking by a lot of users, they generate a lot of money.

Moving on to the unethical pirates. These pirates do not have user entertainment and convenience as their agenda. They actually operate in cooperation with cybercriminals who set up malware on the website’s body. This malware actually steals user data, and the pirate who hosts the site gets paid a hefty sum.

Pirates also earn money through streaming i.e. they stream their pirated content on specialised the sales of which earn them money.

Steps you should take to stop this kind of movie piracy in the country:

First of all the searches for pirated movies should be reduced or controlled. So that this movie download sites will not release the pirated versions of movies. 

Still if you find some websites providing you with the pirated copies of the movie. These sites should be immediately reported to google or filed a DMCA act against them.

Best way to stream or download Movies:

The best to stream or download a movie will be watching it legally through the help of theaters or streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other OTT platforms.

By doing this you will be paying the makers of the film and thus making this a completely legit, best and legal way to stream or download a movie. You just need to buy a monthly subscription to the streaming platforms and you will be granted access to millions of movies, T.V shows and many more.

Movies Definition of ‘Piracy’

Movies Definition of ‘Piracy’

Movies Definition of ‘Piracy’