My Brother, My Sister Review: A Movie About the Complicated Relationship Between Two Brothers

My Brother, My Sister Review: A Movie About the Complicated Relationship Between Two Brothers

Director: Roberto Capucci

Starring: Alessandro Preziosi, Claudia Pandolfi, Ludovica Martino

Stream Platform: Netflix

Ratings: 3/5 (three stars)

Our score

The relationship between brothers is known to be as deep as it is often conflicting and is central to the film we are reviewing: My Brother, My Sister. A drama that explores the relationship now worn out by time and the unspoken, divided between two brothers by the circumstances of life. The film immediately takes us into the complex dynamics of these two characters who see their paths cross again after almost twenty years. Two completely different brothers who will see the balance in their lives questioned. The story revolves around this conflict and presents various family relationships in a parallel way by examining the characters who are the protagonists. It also highlights the importance of mere presence, how much having someone close can make all the difference in the world. Unfortunately, the film offers us nothing particularly innovative in its theme.

How many other movies have we seen that focus on family dynamics and the need to solve them? The protagonists’ messages and interpretations, on the other hand, undoubtedly leave their mark. Claudia Pandolfi and Alessandro Preziosi take the clothes, Tesla and Nìkola , brilliant and ironic, named this way by their physical father in tribute to Nìkola Tesla. Ludovica Martino is Carolina, Tesla’s daughter and Sebastianos sister, played by Francesco Cavallo, a teenager who suffers from schizophrenia. Directed by Roberto Capucci, on his second feature film, the film of which he also wrote. An exciting and emotional story that is not entirely convincing, especially not towards the end; let’s analyze it better in our review.

My brother, my sister review: Story

After twenty years apart, Nik and Tesla, two brothers, meet at their father’s funeral. The man, a well-known physicist, left a legacy to collect. But soon the two will discover how the father’s will went far beyond the simple division of money: the man wished the children’s paths could be reunited before they parted again. He expresses his will for the two to live in the house he left both of them in the hope that they can mend that relationship they lost over the years and become a family again.. The news wreaks havoc in the life of Tesla, who has always lived in that house with his two children: Carolina and Sebastiano. Nik, for his part, just wants to leave, but to comply with his father’s request, he decides to stay. The climate between the two is extremely tense, especially due to the different lifestyles.

Tesla considers Nik selfish and irresponsible and fears for Sebastiano’s serenity. The boy suffers from schizophrenia and Tesla fears that any change could put him in crisis. Determined to keep the matter from her brother, she will soon have to change her mind. because Sebastiano seems very fascinated and intrigued by the presence of his uncle. The two discover that they have some things in common. But if Nik’s arrival keeps Tesla sharp on the Sebastian issue, this is the perfect opportunity for Carolina to take the big step toward independence instead.. In a climate of initial tension, things begin to unfold and the unresolved issues, secrets and lies that have been put aside over the course of twenty years come to the surface.

Complicated Dynamics

The issues addressed by my brother, my sister that you will discover in this review, there are many. First of all, as already mentioned at the heart of the film, there is the relationship between a brother and a sister. However, it is interesting to see how in the film there is in reality the representation of a multitude of relationships, all different but similar at the same time. The one between Sebastiano and Carolina parallels the one between Tesla and Nik, like brothers. The father’s desire to see them together becomes a way to deal with outstanding issues, to seek answers to many questions, but above all to discover a truth that has torn a deep relationship. Two brothers who needed each other but who have been pushed aside by circumstances. The same complicated relationship between Nik and his father is Tesla and Carolina, one of the most tense relationships in the film.

Carolina felt neglected by her mother, who instead devoted herself to caring for her brother in an anxious and overprotective manner. Her uncle’s arrival causes her to leave her mother, but allows her to find her own way. No presence changes from an initial problem to a resource, an opportunity to deal with Sebastiano’s disease in a different way. Whoever takes care of the boy tends, involuntarily, to change his attitude in order to constantly protect him, Nik instead treats him differently; he takes care of him, but bonds with him by taking advantage of his passions and interests and putting the disease in the background. Thus they discover the common passion for music, which in the film becomes a means of expression for Sebastiano. Equally important was to see how a mother struggles to live with this disease and the stigma that comes with it.

My Brother, My Sister Review: Technical Aspects

The strength of the film, as already mentioned, is unfortunately not the originality of the story. Brothers trying to mend a relationship, or parents trying to make it right, are themes already envisioned in the entertainment scene. What makes the film good quality is the performances of the lead actors. Claudia Pandolfi and Alessandro Preziosi dominate the scene with very convincing performances. The first manages to embody a mother in trouble well and who does her best to take care of her child and shows even her most vulnerable and vulnerable side; you decide not to be strong, you often have no other choice. Alessandro Preziosi also gives the idea of ​​the unfettered globetrotter who lives life as it comes. However, even his character hides an unexpected vulnerability and sensitivity. The two offer very intense and tense moments.

Ludovica Martino’s interpretation is also good. The dialogues are well written and the story follows its linearity until it comes to a conclusion. An event seemed out of place and with no apparent solution. All it can do is confuse the viewer. Photography gives us many panoramas of Rome, especially between the streets of the city, but also pictures of the sea with its waves and its unique colors. The chromatic tones of the film are mainly dark and cold, from blue to gray of the interiors. Another flaw was the lack of clarification about Sebastiano’s disease and its evolution, something in which the film gave the impression of investing from the first minutes, but then lost it in the unspoken.

My Brother, My Sister Review: Conclusion

At the end of our review of My brother, my sister still recommend watching the movie despite some flaws. The elements that keep the quality of the film high are the performances of the protagonists, while the story loses a bit both due to lack of originality and due to some oversights towards the end. This develops slowly and builds a raw tension until the moment of confrontation; the duration of almost two hours is not an exaggeration but from the second part the story starts to get lost. The themes and messages he wants to send are sure to arrive. A film that revolves around the difficulties and misunderstandings that can arise in a family, no matter how complex.

It invites you to think about the delicate balances that arise when a disease is present and how it affects different members of the family. It’s also a movie that shows us how often appearances can be deceiving and the ideas we have about someone can definitely be misleading. But above all, it makes clear to us the importance of words and dialogue. Talking, discussing and dealing with problems is the only way to keep them from turning into boulders and ruining relationships. Obviously, making mistakes is human and no one is perfect, but sometimes the comparison, one more word, can make a big difference, even if those same words can hurt.

Positive sides

  • Good performances by Claudia Pandolfi and Alessandro Preziosi
  • The reflections he wants to trigger are interesting

Negative sides

  • History that isn’t particularly innovative, but gets a bit lost in the second half
  • Lack of further research on Sebastiano disease
  • A narrative event could have been avoided as it only caused confusion among viewers

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