The Matrix Resurrections: Movie Passes Censorship and Releases in China

The Matrix Resurrections: Movie Passes Censorship and Releases in China

The Matrix Resurrections has passed the strict censorship rules in China and is really up for release. While the title is not only appropriate for the movie, it is also appropriate for the franchise as the fourth installment comes nearly two decades later. The original trilogy was created by Lily and Lana Wachowski. However, the fourth part is written and directed by the latter while Lili is taking a break from the film industry. Now, good news, the film has passed China’s strict censorship rules and is ready for release.

The Matrix Resurrections gets green light for Chinese cinemas

The Matrix Resurrections Purge Strict Chinese Censorship Rules

The film will be a direct sequel to the third film and not a reboot. We’ll see Keanu Reeves’ Neo in action again. Together with Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), he rediscovers the digital prison. The trailer has given us some crazy ideas about the movie and it’s clear that Neo has no memory of the past events. The rest will, of course, be revealed once the film is here.

The Matrix Resurrections: Neo puts bullets next to Trinity in the trailer

In recent reports from THR, the film graciously erased all Chinese censorship rules, after they were given the green light for a possible cinema release.” Hollywood is no stranger to this strict regulation, having previously prevented the release of many films. a final example are MCUs Eternals. At the moment, the film has not yet been given a release date for Chinese cinemas, but will probably not be released until December 2022.

The Matrix Resurrections – Young Morpheus

The reason it was important for the film to clear the rules is that China became the world’s largest market for theatrical releases. It all happened during the lockdown because places like North America were all locked down. So for a movie like The Matrix Resurrections that has a huge scope to become a blockbuster, the Chinese market is a win-win situation. The financial success could have been somewhat guaranteed, but the reviews are still in question as the trailer has left us more or less ambiguous. Are you excited about the movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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